About Us

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We are an international company that aims at integrating the fun of science, technology, engineering, art, and math education through toys and activities into the lives of special need and children, which is known as STEAM and STEM education.

It’s a project including many products in the fields of recycling robotics and renewable energy, which help bridge the gap between scientific theories that are taught at school or clubs and practical skills that children need to acquire.

Our team is ready to asses your needs and provide tailored services that address them directly.


To be a valued determined innovator citizen.


  • Developing projects including toys, coding, program, and software in the UAE & abroad.
  • To transform ideas onto real & tangible products.
  • To continue integrate into all life aspect.
  • To connect in different games throughout our  digital  platform 
  • To have our friendly social group.
  • To become an environmental-friendly initiative that adopts the use of entirely recycled material. 
  • To engage exciting learning process that delivers a future education and helps bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • A sustainable roadmap towards success.


  • Sustainability: embracing change towards a sustainable future
  • Motivation: building an effective management in all given tasks
  • Artistic: enhancing adaptability skills to accelerate
  • Academic: effective career path
  • Respect: achieving thoughts accuracy at all arrays
  • Tolerance: becoming parents’ and schools’ partner in toys related to education


  • Recognition: building resilience amidst adversity
  • Intelligence: carrying moral and ethical principles
  • Cognitive:  having an intellectual of belonging
  • Eco-friendly: recycling material of conserving the environment.


  • Shadowing sessions
  • Planning special events 
  • Online pages for selling products
  • Teaching one session
  • Training courses
  • Counseling